The first-ever cybersecurity emergency declared in North Louisiana

The 56th Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards has recently issued the statewide emergency. The emergency was issued keeping in view the cyber-security attack that recently took place in several schools aiming to destroy the system’s security. The incident took place in Northern parts of Louisiana. Although on July 23 the state was given hints of the upcoming malware attack, negligible precautions were made. This was informed by the Louisiana Cyber-security Commission Kenneth Donnelly.

Louisiana Cyber-security Commission stated that “We started a statewide effort that’s why the Governor issued the declaration. To be proactive and not only to contain the threat but also to conduct preventative measures and hygiene.”

Although there is no such news of local threats being discovered, the systems of the City of New Orleans remained untouched. Also, the issue is being monitored thoroughly by the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security, and Emergency Preparedness. Not only is this, but the Information Technology and Innovation team also serving a helping hand to deal with the situation. Both the teams are keeping close contact with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, and Emergency Preparedness. This team is also one of the members of law enforcement at the local, state and federal level.

What could be done to prevent such threats?

Mayor LaToya Cantrell said that these situations reflect the reality of today’s world. It is the need of the hour to deal with cyber-security threats with utmost seriousness. One should strive hard to prevent attacks on the systems which contain precious information about billions of people. Cantrell urges all the residents, organizations and businesses of Louisiana to keep a regular check on the rules in order to maintain the cybersecurity.

Such an emergency has been issued for the first time in the state of Louisiana which supports cyber-security. Many other departments such as State Police, National Guard, Technology service, and GOHSEP are also showing up to help FBI.

Many statewide efforts have been made to educate people to safeguard themselves from possible future attacks. The residents can take help of GOHSEP, in case they want any assistance regarding the resources which are essential resources of maintaining cybersecurity. People can access the website to get the help of the government and use commissions’ as well as the state’s resources.

Basic tips to maintain cybersecurity using McAfee

  • Use antivirus solutions available at which has firewalls that help to block threats.
  • Keep your anti-virus software updated.
  • Use strong and unique passwords that are 12 characters or longer for each account. One should make use of the upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters while creating a password.
  • Use McAfee Password Manager and change it on a monthly basis.
  • Use a stronger method of authentication such as PIN that is known by only you.
  • Think before clicking on any suspicious link.
  • Do not share your information on platforms that offer something that sounds too good to be true.
  • Keep a regular check on your bank account statements and credit reports.
  • Use a secure network connection to surf the Internet. Only use websites that start with “https” because these tend to have valid certificates.

Before you fall prey to cyber-criminal activities, it is suggested that you take pro-active measures. One should back up his crucial files regularly and keep them encrypted. Limit the information you share online and its privacy settings need to be checked. Use location features only on trusted websites. You can also protect your home network by regularly changing the Wi-Fi and admin passwords regularly.

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