Tactics to secure your mobile payments while using Venmo application

Venmo is the quickest and convenient mobile application. When you decide to split the fares between your friends by dividing the total cost spend. Venmo helps you to divide the fare equally. However, the Venmo users get comfortable while using the app and this comfort can let to negligence in some security practices.

The cybercriminals can easily obtain your personal information if you don’t have the right security settings flipped on while using Venmo application. You also need antivirus software in order to get complete protection from online threats. McAfee antivirus is the most recommended antivirus, trusted globally, to protect your online information and secure your personal identity. To know more details about the McAfee Mobile Security app, you can visit McAfee’s official website mcafee.com/activate.

McAfee Mobile Security

The cybercriminals look for an opportunity for a flaw in your security system. If it is there then they can see the details of your personal transactions. Such flaws warn you that it is important to set up payment apps with caution and care.  Hence, if you are using mobile payment apps such as Venmo. Then make sure you keep your personal information secure by following the tips mentioned below:-

  1. Change the settings of your app to ‘Private mode’ instead of ‘Public’: Only the sender and the receiver should know about the monetary transactions, if anybody else is having the access to same then it’s a security issue. To avoid such things, you have to change the settings to ‘Private mode’ while doing online transactions.
  2. Restrict the amount of data you are sharing online: Just because the app is designed to be social doesn’t mean that it should become a treasure trove of personal information. It doesn’t matter what type of transaction you are making or going to make. It is always important to limit the amount of personal information in your corresponding message. So that cyber criminals, who are trying to obtain your valuable information, will not be able to get access of the same.
  3. Add an extra layer of security to protect your personal identity and data: It is always important to take extra precautions when it comes to protecting your financial data. You have to create complex passwords to log in your payment app. Participate in the verification and biometric options. If available and make sure your mobile device is secured with the password as well. This will confirm that you are the only one who can access your personal data, but no one else.
  4. Download McAfee Mobile Security: It is important to secure your data and personal identity with complete protection. Which is offered by the most trusted antivirus, McAfee Mobile Security. You can even download the same via its official website mcafee.com/activate.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

It is important to secure you important details along with the application; you are using to do monetary transactions. It is suggested that you should download McAfee Mobile Security antivirus software o that you can get complete security of your data.

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