Protect all your digital files and memories with McAfee Online backup

McAfee Online backup takes the inconvenience of manually backing up all of your valuable digital and graphical files be it Microsoft Outlook email or treasured family photos. Once you’ve installed the software, the backup process becomes easy as it is fully automated. Your files are then encrypted and stored on a secure server online. Because of its unlimited capacity, you can back up all of your important files. Your files are secure and easy to retrieve in just a few minutes.


McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security company provides continuous and automatic security updates for its new users for a period of one year. Along with this, users get a 30 days money back satisfaction guarantee allowing users to get a full refund in case of dissatisfaction. They also get a McAfee free trial in case they are not so sure about the product.

This online backup is easy, safe, secure and convenient for everybody as it automatically backs up all your data whenever your pc is idle and at predetermined intervals. Files can be used from the offsite server in case you are not online. If you want to secure your files from hackers and identity thieves the 128-bit SSL encryption will keep your private data safe from cybercriminals. Whenever you make any change in the original file, this feature detects and saves every change, update archived copies giving you an always updated backup. You can always access and restore your files from anywhere in case you are not having your pc. The online backup saves copies of all your outlook emails and contact details automatically.

Sending your files to McAfee online backup

There is no restriction on file type or size while sending it to Online Backup. Before the first setup starts, you can easily choose which files are selected during the installation. If the selected files exceed the storage space, the backup software automatically favors quantity over the file size. For example, if one large file is selected along with hundreds of small files, the smaller document files are given priority. Deleted files are permanently removed after a certain grace period. But, you can always recover these files under the grace period.  In case you want to backup a large amount of data or you want to have greater control over which files get backed up first, you may need to manually select files for backup.

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