McAfee uncovers a new solution: stop threats before the attack

McAfee, a brand known for device-to-cloud security, recently made a big announcement. It has made available McAfee MVISION Insight to the general public. It is the industry’s primary and one of the most advanced security solution that has completely changed the cyber security industry by its new revolutionizing technology. With the advent of this technology. One could easily restrict the entry of a threat in a system before it could actually attack it.

In its McAfee Insight report, there are two options available for the users to choose from. One is actionable threat intelligence and the other is preemptive threat intelligence. The report is prepared by the team of McAfee threat research by keeping in mind the various aspects of Artificial Intelligence. They applied the AI to real-time threat situation and streamed it on more than 1 billion sensors. This threat Insight has paved the way improving the abilities of Endpoint Security platform.

This platform is an award-winning platform which keeps track of the surface attack by restricting the entry of ransomware. Along with this, there additional security teams which help to investigate more closely about. The risk and the way we earlier responded to advanced attacks.

McAfee also has made another research according to which more than 90 percent of teams working on this area are not confident enough that they are well prepared to fight against the emerging threats. Although there are a number of insights and feeds available online as well. The market but none of them could actually claim the proactive threat intelligence.

What does CISO wants to know about this claim of McAfee?

In addition to other statements made by McAfee, it says that there are a number of security teams. Who are still struggling to adopt security measures that needs cloud to digital transformation. But, this new threat intelligence insight and integration. McAfee MVISION Insight is designed in such a way that it eradicates some of the burden of other security experts available all around the world.

Ash Kulkarni, who is nowadays appointed as the executive vice president and chief product officer of the enterprise business group at McAfee said that “CISOs want an answer to a fundamental question: How truly protected they are against. The latest adversarial campaign targeting their organization.”

To this McAfee replied that “Our latest endpoint security innovation, MVISION Insights delivers. The industry first actionable threat intelligence so organizations can preempt an attack rather than scramble to contain a breach.”

Customer outcomes delivered by MVISION Insight

  • The all new threat intelligence technology anticipates the cycle of the threat in advance by deploying practices such as posture score, assessment of policies etc.
  • Helps in the restriction of ransomware and other advanced malware with different operating systems.
  • It also does behavioral blocking of the threats by implying machine learning technology and active threat defense.

Its achievement as one of the strongest solutions that diminishes the impact of an attack is one of the most essentials. This it does by restoring the affected files as well as reversing the impact of an attack. More Information :-

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