How to Shred Unwanted Files Using McAfee Shredder Tool?

McAfee Shredder is a tool by that lets you delete unwanted files and folders from the hard drive of your computer permanently. Sometimes, you can easily gain access to the deleted Internet Files folder using some forensic tools and you do not want this to happen.

McAfee Shredder tool

The deleted files are stored as the hidden copies by some programs but the McAfee Shredder Tool makes sure that these files are safely and permanently gone from your system. Before you shred a file it is important to note that you won’t be able to restore these files once you delete them.

McAfee Shredder Features

Below are given the two most common and specific features which encourage the users to use the shredder tool for getting rid of unwanted data on their PC:

Permanently Delete Files and Folders:-

McAfee Shredder tool deletes files from your PCs hard drive so that left-outs cannot be recovered by anyone in future. It provides a shield to your privacy by safely and permanently deleting items from your Recycle Bin. It also removes the Temporary Internet Files folder, and the entire contents of computer disks, such as rewritable CDs, external hard drives, and floppy disks.

Shredding Files, Folders, and Disks:-

McAfee Shredder tool ensures that the information contained in deleted files and folders in your Recycle Bin can not be recovered, even with special tools. Also, it makes sure that the Temporary Internet Files folder cannot be recovered using the special tools. With McAfee Shredder, you can specify how many times you want an item to be shredded. You can specify up to 10 times. The hike in the number of shredding passes increases your level of secure file deletion using McAfee Shredder tool.

Steps to Shred Files and Folders

Following the steps mentioned below you can easily shred files and folders from your computer’s hard drive:

  1. Open the McAfee Shredder by navigating to the Security Center page. Here you will find the “Common Tasks” option in which you have to click followed by “Advanced Menu”. Form here, click on “Tools” option followed by “McAfee Shredder”.
  2. From the page that appears, click “Erase files and folders” mentioned under the “I want to” option.
  3. You will be given three option, from which you can choose according to your need; Quick: to shred selected items, Comprehensive: to shred the selected items for 7 times and Custom: to shreds the selected items for up to 10 times.
  4. After choosing the desired option, click on “Next” followed by “Start” to start shredding of the items.
  5. When you are through with the shredding process, click on the “Done” option.

In case you encounter any error while performing the shredding task, you can take help from the capable technicians or visit the official website of

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