Find out how premier e-commerce players use the McAfee Secure Trustmark

As a small business owner, you have to be careful about the security of your data. You heard repeatedly that how necessary it is to optimize your site for conversions. Adding trust signals to your site is one of the top and best ways to do so. McAfee has launched the security app, as with the McAfee SECURE app for BigCommerce and a straightforward line of code, you’ll be able to quickly add the McAfee SECURE Trustmark to your website, showing guests that your website is reliable and safe to try and do business with. To access the app you need an account on If you don’t have an existing mcafee activate account then create one by the given link

McAfee secure Trustmark

The beauty of operation your website on BigCommerce? You, the positioning owner, have the power to edit the code across all pages of your site—from your homepage to the checkout. This suggests you have the power to show the McAfee SECURE Trustmark throughout the complete searching and shopping for expertise, creating guests additional no doubt to make a purchase from your website.

If you have a mcafee activate then, you can have the McAfee SECURE Pro subscription, there are even more ways to implement the trustmark on your site. We want to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your service, which is why we have a tendency to place along with some samples of however of how other BigCommerce stores are effectively conveying security and trust to their visitors.

Check out how these BigCommerce customers have implemented the McAfee SECURE trustmark on their website.

Rug Fashion Store- It deals in high quality home furniture and décor. Here you will know that how they are securing the data of the customers by displaying the floating trustmark on each page of their website. To access the app you must have mcafee activate.

How they are obtaining it right:

  • Engagement trustmark in shopping cart
  • Floating trustmark across all pages of web site, as well as checkout

Sara Dresses- Seller of special day dresses for kids, has chosen to show the floating and engagement trustmarks during a variety of places on their web site. The constant presence of the trustmark throughout each step of their web site helps to establish a good trust with guests.

How they are obtaining it correctly:

  • You will find engagement trustmark in footer
  • Engagement trustmark in handcart
  • Floating trustmark on all pages, as well as checkout

Now that you have seen the quantity of how you will be able to customize the location of the trustmark on your BigCommerce website, allow to assist your start. Do not hesitate to contact your customer care representative if you have questions related to the service. They have all the solution.

In addition, in case you have a BigCommerce store and haven’t yet added a trustmark to your site, install the McAfee SECURE trustmark app for free today or get details on

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