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Complete Outline of McAfee Free Trial

Antivirus programs are now a common need among people with a PC, mobile phone, or internet access. Taking measures is indeed a smart move towards data protection. However, the complications come when you do not compare an antivirus before using it. Some antivirus programs also hold access to your personal data, which raises the possibility of being misused. McAfee, on the other hand, is one of the highly trusted antivirus and anti-malware program. The antivirus also allows you to experience its free trial version for a certain period. Unlike another antivirus, you do not even have to create an account to get McAfee free trial.

Another best part of McAfee free trial is, you get a comprehensive set of features. Not only you can protect your offline data, but you also get firewall security alongside. Know what other attributes you get with market-dominant antivirus.

Features of McAfee free trial version

  • 01. Active protection against online threats
  • 02. Scans external devices and block virus intrusion
  • 03. Gives real-time protection
  • 04. Analyzes emails to detect any spam email
  • 05. Optimizes devices’ performance
  • 06. Compatible with mobile phones, Windows OS, Mac, and iOS phones
  • 07. Notifies you about subscription expiry so you can renew it for a constant protection
  • 08. Multi-device subscription and more

Do I need to create a McAfee account to download McAfee free trial?

No, you do not need to create an account on to download its free version. Nevertheless, once your free trial expires, you get to buy a McAfee 25 digit code and locate it. Additionally, create a profile on McAfee my account page becomes mandatory.

How long will the McAfee trial version protect my PC?

In general, you get 30 days of free McAfee trial. Depending on the product, you may get more than 30 days as well. Whatever may the duration be, you will be required to buy a subscription after the free trial expires. If you do not renew an expired antivirus, you will no longer get the shield to preserve your data from online or offline risks.

How to download McAfee free version on a computer?

  1.  Open a web browser and search for
  2.  Click on the ‘McAfee’ icon from the top of the form
  3.  Click Free trial from the menu. If you do not see a ‘Free trial’ option, scroll down to the footer of the page and from Customer Resources, press ‘Free Trials’
  4.  The option to download McAfee free trial will come with ‘Try 30 days for FREE’ message
  5.  If you have the option to search for a product, type it in the box to check if its unpaid version is available or not
  6.  Click ‘Free Download’
  7.  Open the downloaded file and complete the installation. While you perform McAfee download and install steps, you will not need to locate the activation code. There is no requirement of buying a retail card to download free software.

How to download McAfee free version on a mobile phone?

  1.  Open Google Play Store and the app store you phone offers
  2.  Search for McAfee mobile security
  3.  Tap on the icon from the list
  4.  Tap ‘Install’/ ‘Get’
  5.  Let the app complete auto-install and download
  6.  Open the app and give access to requested permissions. To make sure whether the app is actually helping to keep the data safe, try scanning your phone and check the status. This is how you can stay protected with McAfee activate.
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