How can you find your Mcafee activate product key?

There are various ways to find your Mcafee activate product key but the easiest way is through your Product. At McAfee Support, you will find some steps, which will surely help you to find your product Mcafee, activate product key.

If you have purchased your McAfee product from the online store and unable to find it, then follow the steps given below:

  1. The other ways of finding your license key are confirmation email: you  will find your Mcafee activate product key in your confirmation email that you received after purchasing your product online
  2. In case you have deleted the confirmation message, then to restore the license key, contact to McAfee Support on Give them the following information like Purchase date, Owner info (first and last name, email address), number of the online order (you can find it in a confirmation message received from the online store after the purchase)
  3. When you initially install your product, you were asked to print your license key to keep for your records. Check if you still have the printout
  4. If you have purchased a box version of the product as to restore the Mcafee activate product key, contact McAfee customer support by filling out our form given on the website that is

In case you are unable to install your McAfee antivirus after activation of McAfee subscription on your device, in such case you can install the Pre-Install tool. The Pre-Install tool helps your computer to prepare for the installation.

Mcafee activate product key

How to install the Pre-Install tool on your device?

Below are the steps to install the Pre-Install tool from

  1. Click and open your web browser
  2. Select ‘Download the Pre-install tool’
  • Note: Save the file on your desktop for temporary basis
  1. Now, search for the downloaded file.
  2. After locating your file double-click on that file named as ‘Pre-Install_Tool.exe’
  3. Now, follow the on-screen instructions
  4. Go through the warning message and click on the ‘ok’ button to confirm the changes
  • Once the ‘Pre-Install Tool’ process is completed
  • Click ‘OK’
  • After all the above steps select ‘Close’
  • Now, restart your device
  1. Now, again try to install your McAfee antivirus

This is how you can find your product key and install the Pre-Install tool with the help of

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