How to safeguard your digital realm this festive season?

Everybody is welcoming December with wide open arms because it is the month of celebrations and festivities. With December comes the joy of Christmas and New Year in the line but with this comes a chance for scammers to accomplish their evil goals. Most of us usually lack time and we do not give much attention to what is to be done and everything is left unplanned at the end. This ultimately results in taking shortcuts which leads to risking your online safety.

How to safeguard your digital realm this festive season

Festival season is the favorite time when scammers take their words into action. They usually do this with the purpose to extract some essential and sensitive information of the general public. They usually do it for getting the details such as passwords, usernames and credit card details. Phishing is also another online scam which has been recorded as one of the most vicious scams of the year. Keeping this in mind, I have highlighted some of the easy tips and tricks to safeguard your privacy.

A few safety tips for Consumers 🙂

If we look at the figures from the past few years, we get to see how much scams are costing Aussies. It has cost $500 for many of them. Hence, we have to keep some points in mind while we share any sensitive information online and these points are discussed below:

  1. Think before you click-as we know that phishing scams have increased their pace over the years, therefore one should keep in mind the negative impact a website can have on their lives. One should think deeply while he thinks of clicking on certain links. Do not click on that link on which you have 1% doubt or when it is not from a trusted user.
  2. Create strong passwords-Creating a strong and effective password can prove to be very helpful when it comes to online privacy. Always include alphanumeric characters in your password and remember not to use obvious words or phrases in it such as your birth date etc.
  3. Invest in AntiVirus software-go for antivirus software such as McAfee Internet Security or McAfee Total protection and deploy it via
  4. Consider using VPN- Using software that has a VPN will help you stay safe during the festive season. A VPN helps protect your privacy whenever you connect to any public network for surfing the web.
  5. Stay alert during the festive season-avoid gifting phone gift cards as a present to your love-ones, because it might contain something other than just the gift card.

As cyber-criminals wait for the holiday season to accomplish their evil goals, consumers should also look into the matter carefully. Use security products from the house of and deploy it on your PC and smartphones as well.

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