How to reduce the storage space used by McAfee?

We use antivirus software on our devices so that we can protect our loved ones from becoming the victim of cybercrimes. But having antivirus can sometimes be troublesome for you, because it may hamper your other activities. McAfee like any other application or software requires some storage space to run on your device.

At times, you might feel annoyed because the has started to use up your entire RAM. If this happens, then there is no space left for you to download other apps on your device and you have no idea of how to get rid of it. You cannot delete McAfee all at once, because it is important to secure your devices from virus and threats. All you can do is, follow the steps given below in this article and free up some space consumed by McAfee. By limiting the amount of memory, you can optimize your computer’s performance while maintaining an adequate level of security.


Check how much memory has been consumed by McAfee

The steps to check if McAfee is the real victim of eating up your storage are given below:

  1. Navigate to the “Task Manager” to check the CPU usage.
  2. The second thing to check for is the McAfee version which is running on your device. Running the outdated version of McAfee can cause serious trouble in your computer’s programming work. Go to the official website of McAfee to check for the availability of the latest version. You can also download the updates if you have purchased the software recently.
  3. Always download the patched version of McAfee because it uses less storage.
  4. Avoid downloading unnecessary files and apps. This helps a great deal if you want your system to run faster.
  5. Delete the unused files on a regular basis and keep as much free space as possible.

The alternative method to reduce the storage space used by McAfee

Although there is no inbuilt feature to configure the storage settings, your operating system does provide a way to configure the priority for each program running on your device:

  1. In the first step run McAfee. While it runs, press “Ctrl-Alt-Delete”.
  2. Navigate to the “Task Manager” of your computer.
  3. Now you have to click on the “More Details” option which you will find at the bottom of the window.
  4. Tap on the “Details” tab option followed by
  5. Click “More Details” at the bottom of the dialog window, and then select the “Details” tab.
  6. Now you have to choose “scan32.exe” from the list and then tap on the “Set Priority” option.
  7. Choose on the desired priority setting for McAfee.
  8. Close the Task Manager window and you are done.

This way you can easily configure the storage usage by If your device is still running slow, then there might be some problem with your device and not with McAfee.

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