How to access a website that comes under McAfee-Blocked Site list?

When you install McAfee antivirus on your device, the security program not only ensures to give you complete protection but also comes with a built-in feature by which you can detect the potential virus and suspicious websites that are capable enough to harm your device. McAfee antivirus blocks your access to websites, which contain suspicious content.

It’s the McAfee’s responsibility to protect you from virus and malware that can harm your device and misuse your valuable data. So, McAfee also blocks the websites that are capable to harm your data. However, you can still access the sites that are blocked, by unblocking the blocked websites and you can stop McAfee from blocking it again. You can visit the official website, to know about how you can access the website by having different McAfee products installed on your device.

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Why blocking certain websites can be fruitful to you?

There can be numerous reasons by which you can know that blocking is a good thing. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:-

  • It disables you to access the compromised websites and then download the corrupted files which can result in losing the important documents. Blocking such websites, which are not even useful for business purposes can be helpful in reducing risks.
  • Downloading the patent document from the company’s website can put you into bars for illegal reaching the content. Blocking those websites that host music, movies, and other content can protect the business from exposure.
  • Blocking websites can help you to ensure that the users are focusing on their jobs and not on their social life.
  • Blocking websites can also help you to conserve bandwidth and keep the charges down.

How to access McAfee blocked sites?

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to access Websites blocked by McAfee:-

  1. In the first step, you need to right-click on the ‘McAfee’ icon, that is visible on your desktop and then select the ‘Open McAfee antivirus’ option to access the McAfee account.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Parental Controls’ visible on the main screen and then you have to click on the ‘Edit’ option, visible in ‘Protect Your Family’.
  3. You have to type the admin password for your computer and then press the ‘Enter’ key in the official website
  4. Now, expand the settings for McAfee antivirus by clicking the arrow option by entering a username.
  5. Click on the ‘Optional Settings’ link in order to open the Optional settings page.
  6. Now, select the website address that you want to unlock and access and then enter the address in the space provided for ‘Website Address’.
  7. Press the ‘Allow’ option to enable your McAfee-secured device to access the website and then click on the ‘Add’ option in order to add the website to the list of websites that are not blocked.
  8. Now, you have to add each website on the ‘Optional Settings’ page that you want to access and then click on the ‘Done’ option once you have completed the adding task.
  9. Now, repeat the process for every user for whom you want to allow access to the website.


Blocking websites with suspicious content is important as it can harm your device. However, there are some cases where you need to unblock such websites to access the content of that website. The steps to unblock the website have been already discussed in the article above. In case, you still have some issues related to ‘Unblocking blocked website’ you can visit the McAfee’s official website

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