Earn Pokémon reward points while sleeping

After plugging a good habit to walk in the mobile game, now the virtual game of Pokémon is heading toward another good habit of early sleeping by encouraging players with additional reward points.

About Pokémon Sleep

The gaming application is aiming at monitoring your sleep cycle. The Pokémon company has recently announced a new game; Pokémon Sleep which is on the same lines of Pokémon Go. Both the games aim to build good habits in players like having a walk and early sleeping.

Pokémon involves monitoring a sleeping pattern which will affect the gameplay. The aim of the game is to reward points for good sleeping habits for a healthy lifestyle. The game developers have developed a Select button, which was earlier associated with the Pokémon’s Magikarp Jump. Which was running successfully on the smartphones.

On the other hand, Pokémon Go is still running successfully as it is the most rated game with millions of active users playing the game every moment. Mcafee.com/activate

More updates on Pokémon Sleep

The game is all set to hit the market in 2020, so better get, set and sleep. For this, the company has partnered with Nintendo on a new device known as Pokémon Go Plus to monitor your sleep time.

What is the connection between Pokémon game and cloud services?

Pokémon home is also known as the cloud service, where it allows you to gather all of their captured Pokémons from the game in a definite place. The game will be launched on iOS, Android. Switch platforms and will be connected to the recent Pokémon gaming titles. And with the recent titles, you will be able to trade the Pokémon as well.

The developers have also revealed that the latest version of Detective Pikachu will be soon heading its ways to its gamers via Switch. Although the details of the game is still a mystery, but have created a bustle amongst the gamers.

Moreover, the developers are planning to launch the new gaming series called Pokémon Masters. Which will include the list of most renowned Pokémon trainers who were features in earlier Pokémon games. The game is expected to launch by the end of this year.


The Pokémon games offered by Nintendo are still gaining huge success in the gaming industry. With many other games yet to launch by 2020, the franchise is spreading into the Chinese gaming market with the official release in the country itself.

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