How do I download McAfee Internet Security on Mac?

McAfee Internet Security is one of the featured products from the standalone version of McAfee. As the name suggests that it is a robust security product for protecting whatever information you share over the Internet. The product is known to have various features such as an inbuilt password manager, parental control features, spam filtering, etc. You can easily deploy the product on various devices having different operating systems such as Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

In addition to it, the product comes with several bonus features that help a user to stay protected from ransomware. Not only this, if you equip your device with McAfee Internet Security it will boost up the speed of your device. Hence, in this article, you will find relevant details regarding the process to download McAfee for mac. One should also note that the method to download McAfee LiveSafe for mac and mac os x is the same as discussed in the upcoming section. But, before downloading the product, we need to keep certain things in mind.

Important things to note:

  • If your Mac device has come pre-installed with any McAfee product, you will be prompted to register for using it.
  • On the registration window, you may be asked for your consent to share your information with McAfee. If you agree to it, your product will start to download by undergoing the normal setup process of your computer.
  • In case, you do not agree to share your information, by navigating to and logging in to your account.
  • The users, who have purchased their subscription from the retailer, can redeem their purchased retail card on which the product key is printed.
  • Mac users can go to the “Downloads” folder of their device and check if there is any pre-installed or older version of McAfee. If they find a McAfee installer .dmg file, then they should rename it.
  • If you do not do this, the older copy might hamper the process to download McAfee for mac. Your mac might mount the wrong installer and prevent your product from successful installation.

So, without further ado, let us start discussing the detailed process to download McAfee products.

Steps to download McAfee Internet Security for mac

  1. Using the Mac device on which you wish to install the product, navigate to the official website of McAfee.
  2. From here, click on the “My Account” tab and complete the sign-in McAfee Internet Security for mac
  3. On the log in page, you have to provide your email address and password followed by clicking on the “Log in” button.
  4. The users, who do not have a McAfee account, can select “Are you a new user? Register Now”.
  5. After this, they can follow some simple on-screen instructions to create a new McAfee account.
  6. Select “Remember Me” if you do not wish to enter your login credentials again and again.
  7. Upon clicking on the “My Account” tab, select the correct product subscription that could be LiveSafe or Internet Security.
  8. After making your choice, click on the “Download” button present next to your desired product.
  9. Now, you have to read the “End User License Agreement” and click on the “I Agree” option. This means that you accept the terms and continue to the download and installation of McAfee products.
  10. Consecutively, follow some instructions to install and configure McAfee Internet Security.

Can you download McAfee for Chromebook?

why you download McAfee for Chromebook

If you are wondering what you can download McAfee on ChromeBook, then the answer to this question is no. You cannot install any executables on ChromeBook because it is highly secure. Since you cannot install the executables on it, any program with viruses or alike won’t get installed into your Chromebook.

To know more about McAfee or its products, you should visit the official website of McAfee regularly so that you do not miss out on any update. For assistance regarding any product, you can get connected to a McAfee support executive who will help you with anything regarding

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