Amateur Hacker Transform PS2 into Portable Gaming Console

With the technological advancements budding gaming hackers are turning PS2 into a Portable Gaming Console and for this; they are using the new bee in the tech world- Raspberry Pi. According to the sources, Sony has discontinued all the handheld PS controls recently and this has to lead to a spike in the “Do-it-yourself” consoles.

Portable Gaming Console

On the parallel lines, there are random consoles coming up in the market such as “Redditor” by Darkwingmod (Designer) and the brand have created a portable ps2 that uses Raspberry Pi 2 as SMB server that enables you to download the games directly from Ethernet. For the latest updates of related news, you can visit

 About Darkwingmod

The company has started the project back in 2013 and then took a break for some time and in the meanwhile, there was a documentation of the project in 2017, now the owner of the company has announced that his DIY portable gaming console is going to end soon.

Specifics of the DIY console:

  • PS2 scph-79002
  • IBM Lenovo 05K5494 Laptop Fans + heatsink
  • You will get the Genius MaxFire Blaze 2 controller
  • 1V 6200mAh made of 6 ncr18650a cells
  • Texas instrument ptn78020 switching regulator
  • 6″ Dalian Good Display and VGA chip
  • Optical drive with extension for audio a 5V mini digital amplifier board or a bb mini-stereo dock (thanks to AngelArm1110).
  • ZN40 from Polycase.

Note- For more specifics, you can visit McAfee official website that goes by the URL

How to create different parts of Console?

The owner of DIY Portable console was able to create different parts of Console by following the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Chopped Up Play Station: For the DIY Portable gaming console project, he used up the inside of PS2. He used PS2 Slim SCPH-7900X for his project.
  2. Making the case: He started making a case for the console way back in 2013. He applied a layer of jb weld and five bond filler for plastics to make it durable for the long run.
  3. After 2 successful hours of progress for adjusting the screen, speaker and other components the result was inevitable.
  4. The designer has mentioned that he had purchased a 5.6-inches HDMI screen from eBay within the required voltage range.

 About Raspberry Pi2 Setup

 For loading the games online at full speed without an ant disk drive, the designer of the DIY gaming console is using up Raspberry Pi SMB setup for it. In his process to develop the console, he has removed the GPIO pins, USB ports, camera connector and the Ethernet port for slimming down the SBMC.

He also made a directory of the game that can be directly downloaded onto the internet storage that enables you to eliminate the need for emulator or optical drive if any.

 For more information:

You can visit the official website owned by Darkwing Mod (the owner of DIY Console). Go and check the gameplay on the official link. The gameplay on the DIY gaming console is indeed smooth. For more information, you can also visit on the official McAfee site that goes by the URL

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