How to stop “On-Access” Scanning in McAfee?

If we talk about McAfee, it is one of the most trusted antivirus software that is known for its valuable services and products related to building security. It is best known as an antivirus program that scans, detects and then removes the malicious and harmful files from your operating system. It also scans the incoming and outgoing emails and sends alarming signals about that specific file which is about to harm your system’s configuration. Moreover, when you are about to install new software on your operating systems McAfee’s On-Access Scanning feature might block the installation process of the new software.

There can also be the case where McAfee’s scanning utility blocks the installation process from accessing your computer’s Internet connection. You can easily disable the McAfee’s scanning utility and then restart it again once the installation process for the new software is completed.  Here, in this article, you will find out how you can stop the “On-Access” Scanning feature of McAfee without any hassle. In case, you want to know about the other features of McAfee products then you can visit its official website that goes by the URL

Easy-to-follow steps to disable the McAfee’s On-Access Scanning

There are certain steps to follow in order to stop the McAfee’s On-Access Scanning in action and these steps are as follows:-

  1. In the first step, you have to right-click on the “McAfee VirusScan” icon.
  2. Now, you have to click on the “Disable On-Access Scan” option. In case, you are unable to see the “Disable On-Access Scan” option, then skip to the “Activating On-Access Scanning” option that is displayed on the screen.
  3. You have to now right-click on the McAfee Virus Scan icon on your Computer.
  4. Now you have to click on the “Enable On-Access Scan” option in order to reactivate McAfee’s On-Access Scanning” feature.
  5. To Activate On-Access Scanning, you have to click on the “Start” option, then “All Programs”, “McAfee” and then “Virus Scan Console” option.
  6. In this step, you have to double-click on the “Access Protection” option.
  7. Click on the checkbox that is visible next to “Prevent McAfee Services from being stopped” option in order to deselect the option and then you have to put the “On-Access Scanning-Disable” on the McAfee Virus Scan list.
  8. Now, you have to click on the “Apply” option and then the “OK” option.
  9. You have to click on the “File” and “Exit” option to close the McAfee Virus Scan Console.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions visible in the “Disabling On-Access Scanning” section.
  11. Restart your computer or PC to check whether the On-Access Scanning feature is disabled successfully or not.

Note: – If the steps here are not helping you and you are still stuck to fetch the solutions to disable the “On-Access Scanning” feature then it is recommended to get in touch with McAfee Customer Support executives or post your related queries and issues on the McAfee Customer Support page.

 At the end:-

The article above will help you to disable the McAfee’s feature, known as “On-Access Scanning”, in case you still face any issues or have queries related to the topic discussed here, then it is recommended to get in touch with the McAfee customer Support assistant via McAfee’s official website that goes by the URL

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