How to Stop Hackers from Accessing your YouTube Account?

Are you from those 23 million people who create content to be uploaded on YouTube? If yes, then it’s time for you to take preventive measures. In the past weekend, it was found out that these content creators had to face certain glitches with their account and finally they could make out that their account has been hacked. The YouTube account holders were tricked into sharing their login details. The list of people whose accounts had been hacked includes technology, music, gaming, and Disney video creators.

The hackers have devised strategies to get hold of YouTubers login credentials. They send fake emails to list of account holders with a link that redirected them to fake Google login page. When the user entered his details on this form, his data then gets accessible by the hackers. Moreover, the YouTubers who opted for two-factor authentication could not save themselves from being trapped. The hackers made use of the proxy server for gaining access to the code sent to the mobile number. So, it’s high time that the YouTubers should take additional cautions before sharing their personal information at any platform.

Preventive measures that one must take

To stay safe and vigilant from being your data compromised in the hands of the hackers, one must take the following precautions:

  • Beware of the phishing emails- No matter you possess a YouTube account or not, it is for everyone who has an account on any of the platforms on the Internet. Whenever you receive an email or SMS from an unknown source which prompts you to share your personal information, be cautious. Sometimes, the scammers use this trick by disguising themselves as the owner of the legitimate companies and trap users into sharing their information.
  • Do not click on suspicious links- how does one know if the link he is going to click on is a suspicious one? Well, there are certain ways through which you can know if the URL is a legitimate one. If a link has misspelled words, has some grammatical errors, or characters that are strange to you, then you are suggested not to click on such links as it may take you to a suspicious or illegitimate website.
  • Always go for two-factor authentication- 2FA is one of the security measures that secure a user’s account from being hacked. There are many trusted apps and software available online which can be used for serving this purpose. One of them is McAfee MVISION ePO which can be easily activated via


Since the need to create accounts on various platforms has rapidly increased, so should our security. It is recommended to be extra cautious while surfing the web and while sharing your personal information at any platform. Always confirm the authenticity of the platform before entering your login credentials. Also, try to use the authentic and official website while surfing the web. These cautions will make a huge difference in your online life.

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